Mother-Daughter Groups

Are you a mom wanting to connect to your preteen or teenage daughter?

Do you want to find support and thrive as a mom?

Mothering your teenage daughter is challenging and everyone tells you that distancing from each other is normal.

Have you ever heard…
“Just wait, it gets worse!”
“She’s going to hate you, don’t worry, it’s normal.

You don’t want worse and hate to be normal for your mother-daughter relationship.

Mothering is complicated, challenging and sometimes painful and you’re looking for relief, support and inspiration.

Mothering preteen and teenage daughters can leave you feeling discouraged and concerned for what is to come. As your child enters adolescence, your relationship is changing. You’re having conversations that you thought would happen years from now. You often feel ignored and don’t know how to be on the same page.

The demands on you as a mom can be overwhelming at a time when your daughter needs guidance while wanting some independence. Being an adolescent is confusing and challenging, so parenting developing adolescents is complicated!

Join with others just like you in a mother-daughter group

You want to thrive as a mom, stay connected to your daughter and help her thrive through some of her tougher developmental years. Mother-Daughter Groups are designed to connect you to other mother-daughter duos where we provide support to moms and support to adolescent girls while promoting close, loving relationships through the teen years.

It’s time to make your vision for a thriving relationship with your daughter come true!

Get the support you need to create a NEW norm in a culture that has normalized mother-daughter struggles

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What are Mother-Daughter Groups?

Mother-Daughter Groups are a two-hour pause, filled with productive and fun activities, to be a part of a small group of women and adolescent daughters who want to build a sustainable bond both between mother/daughter and with other group members. Through our activity times together we give moms space to breathe from the heavy demands of parenting and life, and daughters space to be heard and seen all with the goal to bring you closer together through these challenging years. In this environment of support, we address the heavier topics that women and girls are up against:

  • body image
  • appearance in a looks obsessed culture
  • media saturation and a cyber world
  • education
  • menstruation
  • dating
  • peer pressure
  • self-esteem
  • cultural messages about girls/women

We will…

Increase awareness of the complicated aspects of being female
Women often learn to meet the needs of others before their own. Knowing what makes you happy and expressing it clearly to your self and to others sounds basic, yet can be convoluted by what others think or need.

On the other hand, knowing this valuable information can free you to live more fully as you meet the demands of life. Mother-Daughter Group is a space to learn unhindered expression of self, and teach it early to young girls, in an environment designed around support and bonding.

Practice new ways of being together as mothers and adolescent daughters
Your daughter is wrestling with adolescent needs of self-confidence, increased self-awareness and her sense of belonging at a time when she wants to find some independence. Moms are wrestling with consistent demands of the supermom and wanting to provide for this need for independence. Often this ends up creating too much distance. Mother-Daughter Group offers new ideas, and opens you up to new options for meeting both of your needs.

Support moms and empower daughters by strengthening the mother-daughter bond
You can’t do it alone. That is, mothers and daughters must come together to co-create a new cultural norm that fosters connection and nurtures mothers, girls and their relationships. Mothers and daughters thriving at the same time is a win-win and doesn’t require that you do more, rather just that you come together with a vision for more!


Make time and space for yourself
Find more for you and your daughter
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