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Are You Working Hard At Life…
Only To Feel Life is Just Hard?

Find help with Exhaustion, Depression, Anxiety

You’re stuck in all-too-familiar patterns of unhappiness and depression. You work hard to be happy and don’t understand why you struggle.

You’re here because you don’t want to continue like this.

You’ve been successful, but you aren’t fulfilled and don’t know what’s missing. Relationships are a struggle and you aren’t sure if anyone really ‘gets it.’  Many friends/family seem to go away when they sense depression.  Are you really “too much?”

Is this it? Is this all your life will be?

Most of your life, you’ve thought all your hard work would bring acceptance and love to yourself and from others. So, you’ve fought and tried and pushed and persisted. You’ve worked hard.

Yet you’re wondering: “Why do I feel stuck and unhappy?” And the answer brings a feeling of shame as you think, “maybe I’m just ungrateful.”

Is it just you?

Even with all of your achievements and your ‘good-enough’ life, you aren’t convinced that you are good at anything.

You’ve made sense of this by deciding that you must not be working hard enough. Or you’re not trying the right things.

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You think maybe you’re just missing the coping skills to manage all of these difficult feelings.

You want help with this struggle.

These feelings are more the norm than it may appear in today’s world. Social media and the immediate world around you can make you believe you are all alone in this struggle…that it’s “just me who is stuck and flawed.”

I can tell you that you are not alone, it is not ‘just you,’ and change is possible.

I know this exhausting cycle all too well as it shows up in the form of depression or anxiety (and often both). I’ve lived this cycle, survived this cycle and am well-trained to help you do the same.

First, let’s dive into the coping strategies that will bring immediate relief and move into the deeper insights that will bring lasting change.

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Ali Clark, MA, LMHCA
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