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    You’re feeling stuck and unhappy…
    yet uncertain and confused about what to do.

    Underneath a life that looks like it should feel good, something is missing.

    You think:
    “I should feel better about life.”
    “I should do better at life.”

    Good enough just isn’t working anymore…
    it’s time to make a lasting change.

    Therapy Can Help

    Therapy is for everyone, not just those in crisis.

    You might wonder why you feel incomplete.

    You have a relatively stable home, relationship and family life.

    You have friends who support you.

    Why does it feel like something is missing?

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    Meet Ali Clark

    What is it that’s missing?

    You’re here looking for answers. What is it that’s keeping you from living the life you really want, the one that is happy and full?

    You’ve considered many options. Maybe changing jobs, changing relationships, changing yourself…but you aren’t finding the change you’re seeking. True happiness is an inside job and it’s time to stop looking externally for the answers.

    And therapy can help.

    Therapy offers the insight and change you are seeking. Together we’ll dig into the patterns in your life that have felt familiar and safe, yet keep you from living more fully. You have the capacity to unlock the change and happiness you’re wanting, and you can’t do it alone.

    Wonder where to begin?

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    Ali Clark

    Helping people to know their true selves is my passion. We find what is missing by looking at your current life issues, discovering places to heal from the past, and helping you to move more freely into the future.

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    You’re Ready for Therapy When…

    • You have felt unhappy for a while now
    • You’ve tried other options and they aren’t working
    • You want to find what’s missing and aren’t sure where to start
    • You’re committed to discovering more about yourself
    • You’re committed to engaging in a process that works
    • You have the resources of time, energy and money to invest
      in your growth and happiness

    Individual Therapy

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    Mother-Daughter Groups

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