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    You want to feel better and Midbar Therapy can help.

    Do you feel like you get through life on autopilot? You manage to get to work, or to find time with friends and family. You want to feel good but you end up just getting through life. All the while living with the sense that you are struggling at a pretty deep level, yet you don’t know how or when to slow down and figure out the deeply rooted reasons that will impact change.

    Individual Therapy is the place to do just that.

    In Individual Therapy, we spend 50-minutes each week developing a relationship that is unlike any other in your life. We start with the issues that have brought you to this website in the first place. We use our time together to then increase your awareness about the way you struggle, the way you relate, the way you think…many of the things that are typically done on autopilot actually get to be explored in our time together.

    It’s time to turn off autopilot and start living fully!

    Call for your consultation and let’s get you on the path to happiness.

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    Want to build a strong relationship with your adolescent daughter?

    A little time for yourself, and your daughter, goes a long way…

    …particularly when it provides you with the companionship and support that you need.

    Join with a small group of women and daughters for 2 hours each week to discover ways to nurture your daughters through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood while feeling the connection and support of other moms.

    • support each other as mothers
    • nurture your relationships with your daughter
    • help daughters thrive as girls and young women
    • welcome mothers and daughters into a community of women

    Our goal is for each person to shine in her own identity, not in any proscribed or limited one. The goal is for your daughters to appreciate their many gifts, learn to use them wisely, and to emerge from adolescence full of their own choices and desires.

    The mission for each Mother-Daughter Group is to grow a small community of women and daughters that sustains as a support network long after the group ends with me as your facilitator.

    It’s time to stop doing it alone, live connected and supported as you face the demands of mothering and daughtering!

    Call 425.270.8143 now to reserve space in the next group!

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