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    You feel alone with your struggles, and it is increasingly difficult to bear.

    Have you ever had to go to the emergency room? Do you remember how many times you questioned yourself?

    You think, “My throat hurts and it’s difficult to swallow, but mayyyybe it will get better. Maybe I’m making a big deal out of something small. Maybe they will send me home and tell me it isn’t bad enough.”

    But it hurts. When you are hurting and need care, it can be difficult to accept. We go to great lengths to avoid reaching out for help. Your throat isn’t hurting now, but you know something isn’t quite right. Something hasn’t been right for a while now, and you’re still struggling with the idea of needing help.

    But it hurts. And you’re not sure what life will look like if you continue this way. Individual therapy is a place to bring any issues, big or small, that are hindering your happiness.

    Even with the pain, outside appearances suggest that you are ‘fine.’

    Inside you’re struggling, but you continue to do life as usual. After all, what choice is there? Others don’t see the deeper struggle inside, so you think you’ve made it up. Most others seem ‘fine,’ so you think you should be too. You think, “eventually something will change” while you remain in your familiar routine because it’s not clear how to get the help you need.

    We all need to be able to hold a certain amount of tension while we continue to function in life. But to really live into the life you want, you first have to recognize that living with continuous unresolved tension and struggle isn’t required and is not helpful.

    You don’t have to go through each day as if everything is okay anymore. Therapy is the space to attend to the pain, throw off the weight of doing life with these struggles, and let someone navigate with you…toward a better life!

    You’re wondering if your struggles are the “therapy type” and if therapy works.

    Since ‘life goes on,’ you have been talking yourself into, and out of, going to therapy.  Why does it seem that everyone else can figure this out? Why is it that you need therapy to help figure it out? These are the questions of resistance that almost always accompany my patients’ first steps toward getting individual therapy.

    It’s common to react to your pain with judgmental or pressuring thoughts:  “It’s not that bad” or “Can’t I just figure this out on my own.” And as common as it is, it makes it that much harder to find help.

    We aren’t meant to do life in isolation, especially when we are hurting.

    No matter how big or small your struggle feels, you aren’t expected to figure it out by yourself.  We come into this world as connected beings and are meant for connection until we leave this world.

    Your happiness matters.  Call me and start the process of movement and change.

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