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You think “something HAS TO change” but aren’t sure how.

You are happy sometimes, but more often you feel sad.

You want to feel excited about your life. You work hard at many things to try and feel motivated.

You have relationships that are good (and some that aren’t), and life keeps moving on.

Life works out okay. But you aren’t REALLY where you want to be.

You want to be excited about life and happy more than you are sad.

You want to feel a sense of confidence and find your strong ‘self.’

You want to overcome relationship issues that you’ve noticed and move forward with more clarity.

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It’s time for something new.

So, we should talk.

Counseling is a place to look deeper at the issues that you are struggling with now and find new options. It’s a place where I listen deeply to what’s happening for you now, and what brought you here. I pay close attention to what is happening between us and we find connections that increase your awareness about your struggles and open you to new options.

You don’t have to keep going at this alone. It’s time to be joined and find the happiness you seek.

Call me and let’s start you on the path to toward living more fully alive, more fully yourself!

Ali Clark, MA, LMHCA
Midbar Therapy, PLLC